Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villaroel

Looking for a stylish yet comfortable footwear at an affordable price? Carmina Villaroel's Muñiz shoes is the answer. The new shoe line is already accepting orders online. Grab yours now for there are only limited production for each design.

The Story
Muñiz is a 100 percent Filipino brand of stylish and comfortable footwear that embodies Villarroel’s personal style and shoe sensibilities that have been honed by her long-term love affair with shoes. Made mostly with locally sourced materials and created by hand by Filipino craftsmen, Muñiz features Villarroel’s own design ideas that have been interpreted through her kids, twins Cassy’s and Mavy’s sketches.

The Brand
Muñiz is Villarroel’s middle name, a label that relays a touch of global appeal to a local product. As there are plans to expand the brand into children’s and men’s footwear in the future, the label Muñiz also carries a unisexual appeal, appropriate for both women’s and men’s tastes.

The Advocacy
Aside from introducing a globally competitive Filipino shoe brand in terms of style and comfort, Muñiz also advocates eco-consciousness. Packaged in chic orange boxes made from recycled material and in handy eco-bags, Muñiz shoes appeal to shoe lovers with a sense of social responsibility.

The Shoes
Muñiz’s shoe styles have been named after women and girls in Villarroel’s life: there is Carmen, named after her late mother; Sheila, Rhea, and Christina for her sisters; and Gianelli for her bestfriend Gelli de Belen, and Catherine for pal Janice de Belen, among others.

Shoe sizes go from 5 to 10, with half-sizes available.

How to order:

Go to

Then follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the shoe you want. Select your size, style (if available) and quantity and click Add to Cart.
2. When you are done shopping, click Checkout (found on the lower left-hand side of the page).
3. After reviewing that the items you ordered are correctly listed, fill-up the form below your shopping cart and follow the instructions on the rest of the page.
4. Click Proceed to Confirmation.
5. You will receive an email notification that your order was received.
6. We will contact you within 24 hours (except on holidays) to proceed with the details of your order.

Muñiz shoes is the answer for the women on-the-go who prefer equal substance and form.


  1. hi ms. carmina jst wnna ask if evr p0 mg-order syo ng shoes and ngbgay ng exact size den for example pg ndeliver na wat if mlki or mliit xa kz mnsan p0 my mga gnong case e..pwde p p0 b un mpalitan??or kng mron p0 kyo outlet n pwde nlng mpnthan pra sure n maisukat :-)))..plz p0 im hoping for ur response plzzzz i really really like your shoes thank u godblez

  2. These are so cute! I love the style.